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Adina Glazer Rough Diamonds: Who Plays, Character Explained

Adina Glazer Rough Diamonds Actress Name: Ini Massez plays Adina Glazer, the only female sibling in the Wolfson family. Adina is married and a mature person who can handle the business very well. Adina’s mother wants her to take over the whole business and transfer all her shares because she feels Adina is more mature than Eli and Noah.

Adina tries her level best to save the Wolfson Diamonds from shutting down. Adina keeps meeting new dealers and suppliers who would supply stones to them.

When Sarah transfers all the shares to Adina, Adina refuses to take the offer and instead convinces Sarah to transfer the shares equally among the three siblings. When Benny (cousin) tries to speak about the money laundering thing in defense of Smets, Adina uses her trump card by using Benny’s personal life and shutting him down.

Adina’s personal life is not much explored. We only see Adina’s husband once when Kerra arrives at their house. You can also watch her films like Kattenprins (Released In 2007), Ella (Released in 2010), and Team Spirit: De Serie 2 (Released In 2005).



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