Did Madonna Get Kidnapped By Pablo Escobar: ROKU Original WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story has been released officially and the film had already been on the charts, not because of the unique cast but the film is a biographical parody on the life of Al Yankovic.

The film is doing well with an amazing performance delivered by Daniel Radcliffe in the directorial debut of Eric Appel who co-wrote the script with Al Yankovic. The film had elements that were invited to the type of audience any person wouldn’t like and that is of a drug lord. Yes, you heard that correctly, the film did a parody of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar as well.

After Pablo Escobar becomes a huge fan of Al Yankovic who gives his own spin and words to the original songs by different artists. Pablo invites Al Yankovic to his birthday party and when Dr. Demento reads that invitation to Al when he’s with Madonna, he strictly says no to that.

In retaliation to that rejection, Pablo like any good drug lord kidnaps Madonna and takes her to Colombia and expects Al to come there to rescue Madonna, and well, he does come after killing a couple of his men (at least that’s what we saw in the film).

This gives rise to the question that whether Madonna was really kidnapped by Pablo Escobar. We all know those stories of drug lords of the mafia being obsessed with stars and what lengths they can go to, to get what they want so did this really happen in reality? Well, the short answer, is no. That did not happen and while the film is a biographical parody, some of it is just fiction.



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