Did Flora have any powers? “I’m Virgo” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video with English and Hindi audio, along with subtitles.

Before knowing the answer, let’s have a recap of the series. This American series starts with a guy named Cootie, who has excessive height, making him a giant, and his journey from good to bad, from loving his idol superhero to hating him the most.

In the series, we saw Cootie loves to eat Bing Bang Berger. So, he went into a Berger shop where he met a girl who works there named Flora. Flora also has a huge crush on Cootie, so she always served him. This makes Cootie aware, and he falls in love with her.

In the series, we saw Flora has the ability to do things ten times faster than a normal human. She works fast, talks fast, and can make things very fast. But doctors are unable to recognize her ability, as they consider it a disorder, which makes her different from others. People stopped talking to her and considered her abnormal. Soon, she starts to adapt to match the pace of this world so that she can feel safe with Cootie.

By portraying this, the director tries to explain that being different can make you seem abnormal. As Cootie has a larger height than others, people find it strange and label him as a “Giant.” Flora’s ability makes her unique, but since people can’t understand her, they consider her abnormal. The series sheds light on the dark truth of the world and how some people face it.

Hope your queries are cleared. The series doesn’t explicitly reveal Flora’s real power, but it shows how being different can lead to being labeled abnormal. Doctors consider her fast abilities a disorder, but being fast is not her fault. This highlights the sick mindset of people.



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