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Who saved ‘Cootie’ And How In The Last Fight With The Hero? | “I’m A Virgo” Explained

Who saved Cootie and him in the last fight? Prime Video presents “I’m Virgo,” currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video with English and Hindi audio, along with subtitles.

Before knowing the answer, let’s have a recap of the series. This American series starts with a guy named Cootie, who has excessive height, making him a giant, and his journey from good to bad, from loving his idol superhero to hating him the most.

In the last fight sequence, we saw Cootie defeat the Hero, aka Jay Whittle. But unfortunately, he manipulated Cootie and turned him down. The Hero captured and beat him badly. In this helpless situation, Cootie knew that the only person who could help him was Jones. Jones has the special power to see the real truth in people and make them under control.

Jones knows that the superhero is struggling in his real life, and the only thing he wants is to become a real hero in front of people. Jones plays with his feelings to control his mind, helping him understand the truth of society and showing him how his approaches are wrong. This visualization makes the Hero guilty in his own mind, and he stops himself, letting Cootie go.

This is how Jones rescued Cootie, and this is how the series ended.



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