Netflix’s original Crime thriller series Detective Forst originally titled ‘Forst’ is now streaming with 6 Episodes on Netflix. We are going to cover the recap and summary of all episodes of the show and here goes the recap and summary of episode 1 along with an explanation.

only fix the grammatical error in the following article without changing anything episode 1 of the show starts with an Intimate scene where we get to see that Forst is getting Physical with a lady named Agatha. Later on, we get to see that Agatha was cheating on her husband Edward. Edward is a Police officer and Forst works under him.

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The show now Jumps to a murder sequence where we get to see that a Man was Killed and Hanged on an Electric Tower by Someone. Forst takes charge of the case and He finds out that there is an old coin inside the mouth of the Victim. Forst gives an irresponsible statement to a media Person named Szrebska and his clip goes viral. Edward gets scolded by his seniors and is asked to keep an eye on the activities of Forst. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the name of the Victim was Chalmaniak and He was brutally tortured and Killed.

The next day another Murder was reported and it looked almost the same as the last one. The victim was a woman this time and Upon digging deep Forst gets to Know that That woman is also a Historian. A coin was also found from her mouth and the murder was identical to the last murder. Forst goes to that Woman’s house but there he gets nothing except her husband. Forst later gets to know that The Phone of Last Victim was last seen at the Historical Society.

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Forst takes Szrebska along with her and they go inside that Historical society there they find similar old pictures of People hanging and Killed in Similar ways. While they were looking for more, the security guard came there and Punch the Forst down.

Szrebska didn’t say anything and she surrenders and Episode 1 ends here. Surprisingly we get to see that the Guard at the Historical Society was the Husband of the last Victim. Episode 1 looks fun as of now and it was a decent start. We will talk about more Recaps in upcoming episodes.



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