‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Review: Boy Swallows Universe is the latest Netflix coming-of-age comedy series that is based on the autobiographical novel of Trent Dalton and is written by John Collee series this show follows the story of Eli Bell who is a working youth but sadly he had to enter in Brisbane’s underworld to save his mother and story moves around this.

In this article, I am going to give a proper review of this show where I will try to tell if this is this show worth watching or you may skip this show which I consider to explain in this article.

Boy Swallows Universe story is set in the era of 1985 in a place called Brisbane we find that this city is filled with people of low class we see the lead character named Eli and his mentor named Slim and the plot of this show revolves around Eli’s brother named Gus where we see the plot that he had to enter in the world of criminals and he plans to save his mother from danger.

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This show mainly focuses on the character’s relationships and the emotional connection character which makes us more connected with the character. Besides that, the character has done a perfect role with the acting of the actors whereas the music of this show is perfectly merged with the plot of this show.

Whereas, the acting done by Travis Fimmel as Lyle Orlik and Simon Baker as Robert Bell feels more connected with them and the emotional scene of this show is something which makes it feel real whereas the scenario of some actors feels a little dragged with the performance.

Besides that, the cinematography of this show is top notch whereas the era set in 1985 is perfect and makes us feel that we are living in this era whereas the camera work done by the cameraman is perfect and makes us feel more enjoyment but the middle episode of this show is feels little stretched and feels little bored.

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This was all about the review of the show, besides that if you are the fans of this novel that this film is like a treat to them, whereas if you are the new audience you may try this and make you more engaged with the plot but you have to feel like the show but is worth watching.


'Boy Swallows Universe' Review

Worth Your Time

This was all about the review of the show, besides that if you are the fans of this novel that this film is like a treat to them

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