'Echo' Series Episode 2 Recap, Summary and Explained

What ‘Maya’ Did To Fisk? Echo Ending Explained

What ‘Maya’ Did To Fisk?: Echo is an American action-adventure superhero drama series that was created by Marion Dayre for MCU and is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar whereas this show follows the events after 5 months the Haweye series events and it follows the show around Maya and her connection with Kingpin.

In this article, I am going to talk about the ending explanation along with the details of the finale episode of this show where I will covers all the details which will clear your all doubt about future scenarios.


In the finale episode, we see the flashback scene of Echo where we see that Maya shots a woodpecker, and go to show her mother where we finds that her mother is a healer and heels the bird and she learns her mother belong with native american who have energy to heal everything.

After that, The scene shifts to present where we see that Chala goes to meets Skully and in office Chala meets Fisk where she reveles about her relationship with the granddaughter. and scene shift to Maya where she is eating food in Dine and recieve a message from Biscuits that Chala and Bonnie is missing.

Where we immedity leaves and moves the Bonnie house and finds the their is her mother who is died are standing their and tells her that she have to save the family as all are one where she let her pain go and she must save them for the ancestors and Maya changes the dress where the dresss means encourages and she leaves with a power of the strong women.

Ending Explained

At the end of finale episode we see that After dressing she leaves to the big festival where we see that Henry is already their and finds that something is fissy and he shots Zane where Maya arrived to the stable where Kingpin is already their and Bonnie and her grandmother are being hold under Kingpin.

Where we see that Maya confornts the power from her ancestor and gives that power to her family and then they able to fight. After that, Maya holds Kingpin and try to heals his hearts where she able to show his past history abuse and everything but he leaves before cops arrives and maya also leave after that they have a happy meals and show ends.

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This is all about the details of the show where i have covers all the detials and ending explaination of the finale episode, hope you finds all the details whereas let me know in the comment box that how much you like this show.


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