'Echo' Episode 3 Explained : Recap and Summary

‘Echo’ Episode 3 Explained : Recap and Summary

‘Echo’ Episode 3 Explained: The show is going average for me as of now. Maybe this is an introductory series of Maya, and that’s the reason why the show looks a little slow. But as of now, the show never felt like a Marvel show. I have huge expectations from the show and hope the show gets better in upcoming episodes.

Episode 3 of the show starts with the introduction of another character named TUKLO. We get to see that Tuklo wants to join the tribal Police, but her dad asks her not to do so. In the next sequence, we get to see that Tuklo saves her dad from the criminals.

The story now jumps to the present where we get to see that Chula is concerned over Maya’s arrival. Later on, we get to see that Maya got kidnapped by Viccike (Henry’s assistant), and they tie her inside that skating club. Bonnie comes to the skating club looking for Maya, but she also got kidnapped by them. Bonnie tells Maya why she is behaving that way. Maya tells that she is here for some work only.

Viccike invites the goons of Fisk and tells that he has Maya with them and he wants money. On the other hand, Maya was locked in the storeroom, and she was making something with wastes inside the storehouse. Fisk’s goons kill Viccike, and they don’t give him a single penny.

Maya kills most of the goons, but then they make Bonnie a hostage, and Maya was trapped again. When Zane was about to kill Bonnie, he gets a call from someone, and they go away from there. Maya, Bonnie, and Henry were shocked to see this, and they have no clue who was on the phone.

Henry tells that there are high chances that Fisk was on the other side of the phone. Maya was shocked to know this, and she says that she has shot Fisk in his face, how could he still be alive? Maya gets a new pair of legs which has the Choctaw symbol on it.

Maya visits the city the whole day, and when she returns back to her house, she was shocked to see Fisk outside her house, and Episode 3 ends here.

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