Hulu presents a ten-episode crime thriller investigation series. The show is based on an unexpected murder that took place inside a luxury cruise ship. A group of wealthy people were traveling on a business vacation by Colliers family, their dirty secrets started revealing after the unexpected back-to-back murders and investigations.

Death and Other Details has a package of ten episodes, already six episodes have been released until now. The show premiered on January 16, 2024, through Hulu. Each episode has a duration of nearly fifty minutes. So far each episode ended with a banger new hidden secrets or cliffhangers.

The last episode also ended with a shocking development. Rufus confessed to Imogene Scott about his real track record. Llewellyn jumped out of the cruise ship after the death of Governor Alexandra’s murder.

The last episode showcased two deaths. One of them is Governor Alexandra, she got murdered by Winnie after the instructions of Viktor Sams. She coughed with blood and collapsed in front of Agent Hilde. She were going to submit all the documents related to Collier’s family and Lawrence Collier to Agent Hilde. All these years Collier’s family did many dirty business with Chinese but never got exposed because of their power. They used life-threatening chemicals in their factory at China.

Anna knows everything about it, but she didn’t tell Imogene. They both had a clash on the last episode and Anna mentioned Imogene in the wrong way. Llewellyn got confused, drunk, and worried about Viktor Sams is behind everything, so he suicide by jumping into the ocean. Everyone was shocked and he said his last words to Imogene. Imogene found out that Rufus was a fraud detective, not the greatest detective in the world.

The upcoming episodes will showcase the dirty secrets of the Collier family. The real motive behind the Governor’s death will be mostly revealed on the next episode. Imogene’s mind got confused after the betrayal of Sunil and Rufus Coteworth. Even her close friend Anna has been betraying her for years, how she manages to survive among all the betrayers will be showcased on the next episodes. She is adamant about finding out the truth about her mother’s death and the real man behind Viktor Sams.

‘Death and Other Details’ episode 6 date announced by Hulu. The seventh episode is scheduled to premiere on February 20th. Out of a total of ten episodes, they already released six episodes through Hulu. They have been releasing one episode per week. The upcoming episode will arrive next Tuesday. Let’s wait for more twists and secrets about Viktor Sams to be unveiled by Rufus Coteworth and Imogene Scott

All six episodes of ‘Death and other details now streaming through Hulu with English subtitles.



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