Death And Other Details Episode 3: Death And Other Details Episode 3: Hulu presents “Death and Other Details” a mystery crime thriller show happening around a cruise ship of wealthy people having so many dirty secrets. A sudden murder inside the ship started revealing hidden secrets making the rest of the story.

The third episode started with Rufus Coteworth narrating about past events, a few days before cruise ship Varuna started sailing. This time, he started his narration with Danny’s perspective vision. In the third narration with Danny’s eyes, Rufus asks questions to the viewers to find out what’s the difference between the perspectives of the other and Danny’s perspective of the story.

Keith Trubitsky aka Danny started taking everyone’s photos with his camera outside the ship. He had a little chat with the business magnets. Everyone thought he is a fool and that’s why Danny took advantage, he tricked everyone and gathered their unknown secrets and information. This brave movement from him his life. Agent Hilde Eriksen from Interpol started preliminary examination for the body of Keith Trubitsky aka Danny Turner. She was assisted by Rufus Coteworth. The killer entered the suit without a weapon.

Anna and Leila got pretty depressed due to the walk out of the Chun family from the billion-dollar investment. Anna again talked with the Chun family to continue with the deal, she spent eight months to get this deal done. Crew members of the ship got pretty much devastated due to the overnight interrogation from Rufus. Everyone started talking about the murder, they are sure that no one had any involvement in the murder.

Agent Hilde visited the crime scene along with Rufus Coteworth and looked for new information. There’s not even a single fingerprint at the crime spot, fully wiped and clean. There is an item missing from the crime scene; a journal, brown, orange strap and Danny never went anywhere without it.

Agent Hilde got focused on the missing security footage, she believed that the killer entered the suit during those seven minutes and twenty-three seconds time period. Imogene followed Teddy to enter Sunil’s office. While Teddy went outside, Imogene tried to open the locker but unfortunately, she got caught by Sunil. She asked him to show the secured documents of the Collier family to find out who is Viktor Sam.

Rufus Coteworth and Agent Hilde visited the security room to enquire about the missing footage. They interrogated Jules about his disappearance during the murder night from duties. Imogene and Sunil opened the locker and started reading the documents. They found out that Collier’s family is in a bankrupt situation. They started checking fifty years worth of business documents. Rufus Coteworth and Imogene found out that Collier Mills using banned chemicals for years.

Anna got worried about Leila’s condition, she is been missing for hours. Hours later, Imogene saw Leila walking to the crew workers’ room. Imogene found a trace of paint on a door and put a pin on a small hole, suddenly the secret door opened. Anna went to meet Chun’s family with the official documents of collier mills.

The third episode ends with a shocking development in the story. Agent Hilde and Rufus started raid on the crew members’ rooms, they found some unusual things at Jules’s room. Then questioned his friend and searched his room also, shocking twist appeared from the raid.

There’s no person as Jules in the ship, it’s an alias who became the security chief of the ship. Meanwhile, Imogene opened that secret door and saw some weird things inside, suddenly Jules closed her mouth and threatened her about finding the secrets.

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