Death And Other Details Episode 1: Hulu presents a ten-episode mystery crime thriller revolving around a renowned family and the suspicious murder that takes place on their luxurious private sailing cruise trip to celebrate the retirement of patriarch Lawrence.

The connection between an 18-year-old mysterious death of a woman and the unexpected murder of a man that took place on the cruise ship years later is the core plot of this show. The show also depicts the internal politics of the Collier family of old and modern generations.

This show, created by Heidi Cole McAdams and Mike Weiss, opens with a past event that happened 18 years ago. Rufus Coteworth, the “greatest detective in the world,” shows up at the estate of the Collier family to speak with a ten-year-old girl, Imogene Scott, about the mysterious death of her mother in a car blast. The show starts with these important quotes from Rufus Coteworth: “Pay attention, details matter.

If you want to solve a crime, any crime, you must first learn to see through the illusion.” Ten-year-old Imogene got suspended from school after the mysterious death of her mother. The Collier family took care of little Imogene like their own child. After the meeting between Detective Rufus Coteworth and little Imogene, the show jumps eighteen years later. Introduction of twenty-eight-year-old Imogene Scott on a luxurious cruise ship called SS Varuna.

While spending time on the ship, a sudden quarrel happens between a wealthy man, Keith Trubitsky, who got angry because a cruise laborer woman spoiled his fifty-thousand-dollar watch. The arrogant behavior of Keith triggered Imogene, and she went to him and expressed her view about him as a garbage person.

The show now goes back to ten days before the murder happened. The whole business magnates, politicians, friends, and family members, whoever is close to the Collier family, gather at the port to sail on a billion-dollar cruise ship. The cruise vacation is arranged by Patriarch Lawrence, the current CEO of the textile company called Collier Mills. He wants to celebrate his retirement and announce the next CEO of the company.

Notable people onboard are Anna (Lauren Patten), rumored to be announced as the next leader of the company; Anna’s wife, Leila (Pardis Seremi); wife of Patriarch, Matriarch Katherine (Jayne Atkinson); Son of Lawrence, Tripp (Jack Cutmore-Scott). The greatest detective Rufus is now working with the governor of Washington, who is also onboard. Anna planned a billion-dollar deal with the governor to be announced sooner. At the same time, chaos happens between her and her wife, who’s waiting to be introduced in front of everyone during the CEO announcement.

Imogene Scott, while going to her room, unexpectedly sees Detective Rufus Coteworth after eighteen years of her mother’s death. The sudden witness made her go back to past memories of her life during childhood. She clearly remembers the last words from Rufus Coteworth after her mother’s car blast; he promised her that he would reveal the truth behind her mother’s death and the man who’s behind it.

He couldn’t keep that promise all these years. This became a real reason why Imogene Scott didn’t want Rufus Coteworth on the same cruise ship with her. She visits Keith Trubitsky’s room and damages his belongings, including his fifty-thousand-dollar watch. He was sleeping alone in his room while she destroyed his watch. The next day morning, the cleaning lady found that he is dead and informed the management. By the meantime, Imogene was hooking up with Jules, the security head of the ship, took his security access key to enter into the security room and looked for the CCTV visuals.

The exact 7-minute portion of her going in and out of Keith Trubitsky’s room was trimmed out from the computer. Detective Rufus found out that she is the same girl he met 18 years ago at Collier estate. He confirmed that the visuals of her were completely taken away by him, and unless she didn’t join with him to investigate the truth about the real killer of Keith, he would submit the original visuals to Interpol.

Imogene had no choice other than accepting the request from Rufus Coteworth to join the investigation with him. During the investigation, he used to say that he always had an assistant during a case. He tried to make Imogene Scott remember the things she saw during her visit to Keith’s room. They finally came to the conclusion that someone was there in the room before she entered the room.

During this process, she finally had a glimpse memory of someone who was in the car of Rufus Coteworth when he first came to meet her at the Collier estate. The man who drove the car was the exactly the same person on the cruise ship who died in the name of Keith Trubitsky. The episode ended with this twisted tale with a mystery of why they all came to the same ship at the same time and who murdered her mother in the name of Viktor Sams, who purchased the materials to blast Imogene’s mother’s car.

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The next episode will reveal more truths regarding the murder of Keith Trubitsky and Imogene’s mother. More mysteries and suspense are waiting to be unveiled by Detective Rufus Coteworth. Characteristic developments can be expected in the upcoming episode.



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