Monsieur Spade Episode 5 Release Date: AMC released another crime drama with famous Samuel Spade character. Story happens at Bezouls, France when Samuel come to deliver his friend’s daughter to her father. Unexpected things happen and Samuel settles there leading to more mysteries.

Samuel came with Teresa to Phillipe’s home to give his daughter to him. But Phillipe was really bad guy in the town. Samuel met Gabrielle and lived with her as husband and wife. They were in love for some time. Gabrielle died because of her illness. Teresa was on an orphanage set by Gabrielle. A mass murder of nuns happens at the orphanage, and Teresa goes to Samuel in fear.

A monk kills the nun in search for a kid. Apparently the kid Zayid was with Phillipe, and he came to orphanage and told Teresa to keep hidden him there. After the incident the kid gone from there and Samir a bar attendar saw him and took him home.

Samuel finds that many people are behind this boy, and Phillipe were also in french intelligence and he gone rogue when he got the boy, that’s why they are after the boy and Teresa. French intelligence agent attacks Samuel at his home finding the boy, they had the order of getting the boy, if not boy then get Teresa. Apparently the Fitzsimmons were also from intelligence spying over Samuel. When the attack happened at Samuel’s house one of the agent got shot at the head and dead at the pool. Samuel gets more suspicious on Fitzsimmons.

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Samir asks for Pierce’s help about the boy. Pierce calls Phillipe to hand over the kid. Phillipe kills the Saudi intelligence guy who was watching around Samir’s house. Samir hands over Zayid to Phillipe and he ensures their safety. In the upcoming episode, we can expect some new interesting facts about the intelligence agency and the kid.

AMC will release Episode 5 on the 11th of February. It will be available on Amazon Prime for rental or with AMC addon. The first four episodes are available to stream in AMC and Amazon Prime with addon in English language and subtitles.



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