Netflix’s Documentary I Am A Stalker: Red Flags Recently Released Crime Documentary Appreciated And Getting Great Viewership. In the Docu Show, There was a horrific Case Of David Anthony McGee.

After Coming to know about Human Nature After All Things We came to know that he’s not just a harasser But also an accused Predator Who Always Maintained His Innocence Jo matter About Myriad Of allegations Against Him By His Former Partners. Wanted To know more about Him?

Where Is David McGee Now?

David Was a Minor At The Time When Case Was Reported. When David Finally Understood Trial For The Charge Against Him In 2012 All The Complaints Against Him Over 2000 Pages Of Official Records.

After that, he was handed to Jury And After leading to the verdict Of Guilty He Was Sentenced to 20 Years Of Life To Serve In Prison. Currently, He’s Serving In Prison At Alfred D Hughes Unit In Gatesville, Texas His Projected Release Date Is April 7, 2031.



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