The Spine Chilling Netflix Documentary Show My Encounter With Evil is Streaming Now On Netflix In One Of The Episodes We Came To Know About Concepcion Olvera. The documentary, The Story Revolves around the life of Three Mexican Women Who Felt Their Lives Was Disturbed By Demonic Spirits.

On The Show Andrea Rosto Olvera And Her Sister Esther Aguilera Olvera Appeared And Told About Her Mother Concepcion That How She Was Possessed By An Evil Spirit. While This Incident Was What Happened Their Mother Was Forced To Visit A Hospital.

Where Are Andrea And Esther Now?

Andrea And Esther Mentioned On The Show That They Were Too Young When This Happened With Them. It Happened In 1979 They Noticed That Concepcion’s Behaviour Was Rapidly Changing, but after that demonic Pressure Her Children Love Gradually Helped Her To Get Back In Life And She Finally Gets Back To Society Now They Happily Live In With Their In Mexico City, Mexico.

In 2021 Andrea Launched A Book In That She Written In detail About Her Mother’s Possession.



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