Will Nathan Kill Marcus Edge?: Netflix’s Recently Released Supernatural Teen Drama Show The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself Follows The Story Of a Sixteen-Year-Old Boy, He Is A Son Of A Fairborn Mother And A Blood Father Which Already Makes His Existence An Abomination, In his world because of two factions of Mother And Father, The Fairborn’s Hate Him And Holds No Bars In Displaying Feelings For Him.

Now coming to the Burning Question that was in the mind of almost everyone who watched the show?

Will Nathan Kill Marcus Edge?

While Getting Beaten Up By Fairborn Witches It Proved How Much Fairborns Hates Him, At that point, Nathan Started Wondering Why He Isn’t Got Killed Yet Or Thrown Out Of The Country?

The Fairborn Council Wanted To Kill His Father They Already Killed His Mother, So Why Does He Alive? The Biggest Problem For Council Was Nathan’s, Father Marcus Edge, Marcus is a blood witch and has the power To Shapeshift In Animals Mainly A Wolf, Considering Facts That Nathan’s Father’s Role Is Going To Die, and Marcus Is Certain To Die.

It Can Be Only Answered In the Upcoming Season Which will stream By the Year 2024.



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