Errol Mathis In “Criminal Record” Actor Name: “Criminal Record” is the ongoing Apple TV+ original crime thriller drama series streaming with 3 episodes as of now. Next week, the 4th episode is arriving, and we will also post a recap of that episode too. Do check out the previous 3 recaps on Streamingdue.

After Episode 2, the show was too good. After all episodes, we will also post a review of this show. Now we’re telling you about the characters of the series. Talking about Errol Mathis. The name Errol Mathis came in this show many times. The role of Errol Mathis is played by actor Tom Moutchi.

Errol Mathis is the father of Patrick, but his son Patrick doesn’t even want to talk to him. The reason behind that is Errol killed his own wife; he murdered her, and he also confessed everything to the police. As Sonya Singh is a lawyer, she gave trial evidence of Errol Mathis to Lenker. Sonya suggested Lenker that she should meet Errol.

And after that, Sonya made a plan for it. Lenker meets Errol in jail; she started interviewing him. Lenker asked him about the confession, but he wasn’t telling everything, and it looked like Errol is hiding something. Errol is trying so hard to talk to his son. Errol’s mother loves him a lot; she goes many times to Patrick, but every time whenever Errol says hello to Patrick on the phone, he cuts the phone.

Because Patrick still carries that childhood trauma; he had seen the dead body of his mother. Because of that, he’s so traumatized. Errol Mathis is serving his sentence in jail for the last 24 years. Now Lenker is trying to find out the connection between Errol and Daniel, but Lenker already sensed Errol and Daniel are hiding something from her.



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