‘Revenant’ Episode 1: The latest Korean drama is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar for the Indian audience. In this article, we are going to recap the first episode of the series. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The episode begins with Gu Gang-Mo arriving in a taxi on a rainy day and quickly entering a house. A lady is sitting there reading a book in the house and calling him, but he ignores her and quickly locks himself in the room.

We come to know that the lady is Kim Seok-Ran, his mom, who knocks at his door to open it. He opens the door and sees himself standing at the door. Next, we see his mom entering the room and finding her son dead. It seems like he has committed suicide.

Next, we see a young woman, Gu San-Yeong, standing at the corner of the bridge, contemplating suicide. She overhears two men talking below the bridge. One of them is Kim Hae-sang, who tells the other person that he has seen many suicides in his life. It is revealed that he is there to stop people from committing suicide. While talking, he notices a change in the water and runs towards it. He thinks the woman talking on the phone is going to jump, but a man coming out of his car jumps into the water.

On the other hand, San-Yeong receives a call from her mother, informing her that the phishing scammer has been caught and they may get their money back. It turns out they got caught in a scam, and now that the police have apprehended the scammers, they might recover their money.

However, the scammers get bailed out the next day, and the mother and daughter duo cry at the police station, but nothing happens. Now, they need to get money as soon as possible. The next day, her mother tells her the truth that she lied about her father. She told San-Yeong that he was dead when she was young, but now her father is really dead, and they need to go there to bid him a final goodbye.

They go there, and the man who died at the beginning of the episode turns out to be her father. Her grandmother gives her a little red band, and when she touches it, she feels something strange. After some time, she walks back home. The next day, she sleeps late, but the ghost inside her goes to the phishing scammer and drives him to kill himself. When the real San-Yeong wakes up, she meets Hae-sang, who sees a strange, larger shadow around her. He tells her that there is an evil spirit on her.

While she is at the office, two police officers arrive and ask her about her whereabouts when the phishing scammer died. She doesn’t know about this, but when the other guy also dies after a few days, it becomes a real question of what is happening to her. She goes back to Hae-sang, who notices that the shadow has grown even bigger now. He tells her to go home for now and be aware of the door opening to the new world.

In the end, we come to know that she is being followed by Hyun-Woo’s ghost, and she sees Hyun-Woo’s ghost in the mirror. The episode ends.

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