Lee Cocking Now? Victim? Real Image- To Catch A Copper: Channel 4 is known for some mind-blowing true docuseries, and they are back with another eye-opener. The show titled ‘To Catch A Copper’ is now streaming on Channel 4 with 3 Episodes, and each episode deals with the brutality and inhumanity of police that the local public has to suffer.

Although the real names from all the cases are hidden due to obvious privacy reasons, there is one case which was in the news and media for so long, and that’s why makers have decided to keep it open, and the names and characters used in that case are real and true.

Lee Cocking and victim

In the last episode of the show, we get to see a shocking case, where a Police officer named ‘Lee Cocking’ was accused by a woman that he took advantage of her, and when she was drunk, he raped her. The police start an investigation of Sergeant Lee Cocking. Many of you were asking about what he is doing and where he is now? Here we are going to tell you everything about the case.

The incident happened in 2017 on Christmas when a woman calls Police Women Helpline and complains that Police officer Lee Cocking has raped her and he took advantage of her situation. After the case surfaces in the media, Lee Cocking was arrested by the Police, and he was suspended from his post.

The interesting point is that the suspension was on a full pay basis, which means there was no cut in his salary even if he was suspended. Later in 2021, after he was acquitted in the case, he retired from the Police.

As of now, he is still living a great life, and he is enjoying his post-retirement life. Another interesting fact is that he is also getting the full amount on Pension post-retirement even after the case.

Many of you were asking about the victim of the case. Her name and identity were kept hidden from the Public and media to keep her safe and respect her Privacy. There is no real image of her available in the Public domain.

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