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Choi Hyun-Mi In Physical 100 | Instagram, Age | Netflix

Another big female contestant from the Netflix original show Physical 100 is the Boxer Choi Hyun-mi, The buzz about her is super high and many of our readers were asking about her, So here goes the Age, Instagram Details, and some more information about Choi Hyun-mi.

Choi Hyun-mi is a south Korean Female Boxer. Choi Hyun-mi is ranked number one in the world as a female boxer. Choi Hyun-mi Total played 21 Boxing matches and didn’t lose any of her matches, from 21 matches she won 20 Matches and only 1 match is drawn.

She is undefeated for 15 Years and now it will be interesting to see if she maintains that same record in the Reality TV show, what do you think?, will she be able to maintain the same record in the show too? do she have the potential to win the show?

Instagram account @hyunmi.choi.7



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