Jeon Young In Physical 100: There are some Participants from the film industry too, Jeon Young is one of such Participants, Yes we are talking about the Netflix original show Physical 100 and its Contestants, here go the details about their Instagram Handle, Age, and some more info about Jeon Young.

Jeon Young is a Movie Choreographer in South Korea. If You Watched Netflix’s Kingdom and Hellbound and Liked the action of the series then thank Jeon Young who choreographed the zombie action scenes of Kingdom and the Monster action scenes of Hellbound. Jeon Young also did the Motion Capture for the Hellbound Monsters.

Aside from Movie Choreography, Jeon Young is also a bone-breaking dancer. He is the leader and creator of the Centipedz bone-breaking dance crew. Bone-breaking is a dance style.

Instagram account @undead_jedi



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