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Jjang Jae in Physical 100 | Instagram, YouTube, Age | Netflix

J jang Jae in Physical 100: Youtubers and Social Media Personalities are one of the main attractions of the Netflix original show Physical 100, The show is now getting love from all over the Globe and the Episode 3 of the show was released today, One of the Participants from the show is Jjang Jae.

Here we are going to tell you about the Social Media Links and Stats, Followers, Age and some more details about Jjang Jae.

Jjang Jae was a Naval Officer and now he is running a YouTube channel where he posts about fitness and bodybuilding. JJang Jae also known as the E-tool. JJang Jae was part of UDT in the Navy Special Warfare Group.

He total has 300k+ Subscribers on YouTube @saltyudt and 80k+ on Instagram @saltyudt

This was all about the JJang , what do you think about him?, Please drop your thoughts in the comments.



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