“7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys A Carefree Life Married To Her Worst Enemy” is an ongoing Japanese adventure fantasy romantic thriller anime show currently streaming its second episode. The show is performing very well. As of now, this is not available in India officially. We have already posted a recap of the previous episode, so do check it out. Now, we will begin with the second episode.

Episode 2 starts with the same sequence where Episode 1 ended. Emperor Arnold was giving a marriage proposal to Rishe. Everyone was shocked to see that. Rishe declined the proposal, and Arnold was laughing, asking why. And the intro comes.

After that, Rishe was saying in her mind that the man who killed her is proposing to her, and she found it shocking. Suddenly, the king arrives and slaps his son due to his bad behavior.

The king ordered Rishe to go with Arnold. Arnold tells Rishe that he has fallen in love with her. Rishe was thinking she had unlimited possibilities in her life. Arnold said to Rishe that he will fulfill her every demand, and if it is out of his capabilities, he will still fully try to fulfill her demand.

Rishe said she wanted to live separately from the emperor after marriage, and Arnold agreed. The next day, both of them were going to explore a beautiful forest. Suddenly, Arnold was trying to touch her, and Rishe woke up from sleep and stopped him.

Arnold was appreciating Rishe’s training. Rishe loved the good looks of Arnold. Suddenly, Arnold stepped out from the horse vehicle because outside a sword fight was going on, and Arnold started beating them alone. But he didn’t kill them. Everyone’s body was numb after that, and Rishe came to know that there was poison on the sword.

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Rishe said to Arnold that she can make an antidote for the poison, and she did it with the help of plants. First, she used that antidote on herself, and then she started applying it on others.

Rishe was seeing the flowers in the dense forest, and Arnold also came there. Rishe started saying in her mind about her life as a maid, that her lady locked her in the room many times, and she already knew how to get out from that room. Arnold and Rishe were having a talk. Rishe was asking him how he became a knight. Arnold thanked Rishe for saving everyone. Then Rishe was thinking why Arnold killed her.

Rishe agrees to live like a hostage so that she cannot go on official duties. Rishe finally got a chance to visit that country which she never visited in her previous lives. Everyone at that place welcomed Rishe. Rishe and Arnold reached the castle, but the condition was terrible. She started cleaning everything by herself and decorating everything by herself.

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She got a flashback of her previous life as a maid, but Rishe didn’t treat her current maids badly. She was behaving well with them. Rishe was saying that her only dream is to visit every country in the world. Rishe was standing on the balcony, and suddenly Arnold arrived.

Both of them were seeing the lovely view from the balcony. Rishe finally agrees to marriage, and she will visit that country after that only she will marry. Arnold says that he has never seen a girl like her in his life. Rishe said her dreams are different, and she values her dream and herself too. Arnold said to Rishe again that he has fallen in love with her. Arnold told her to think whatever she wants.

Rishe couldn’t think of what Arnold is doing because Arnold killed her in her previous life. And the episode 2 ends.



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