“Chained Soldier” Episode 2: “Chained Soldier” is an ongoing action-adventure fantasy Japanese show based on a manga. This show has created a great amount of buzz among Japanese fans. We have already posted a recap of Episode 1; do check it out.

Episode 2 starts with a small recap of Episode 1, and the intro comes. We can see the Supreme Commander and Hero before that. Hero was working for them; he started cleaning the house first. Suddenly, a demon tried to attack Yuuki, but Urakimon saved him with a shield.

Yuuki was shocked to see that a small child is more senior than him. Everyone was treating Yuuki as a caretaker at that place. Yuuki cooked tasty food for them. The commander’s small sister asked Yuuki to teach her cooking.

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The commander’s other sister said to Yuuki that if he tries to misbehave with anyone, she will kill him. One girl was taking a bath, and Yuuki saw her n@@@ked, so he got shocked. At the same time, Shushu saw him because she has the ability to grow and shrink at any time.

She clicked a picture of Yuuki standing near the balcony and seeing the girl taking a bath. She said to him, “If you don’t want me to leak this picture, you have to become a sl@!ve for me.” Yuuki replied, “He’s already a s1@ve.”

Yuuki was living as a caretaker and doing everything that Shushu says. Shushu was behaving very naughty in front of Yuuki. On the other side, the commander was practicing fights. One demon tried to enter there, and Kyoka immediately killed him.

Their smallest sister said to Yuuki that Shushu is the nicest girl ever, but Yuuki knew in his mind that she’s not nice-faced. Yuuki started giving her a massage; he was looking at Shushu’s cl@@vage.

Shushu said she watches every movie of him because of that; she made him a s!@ve. Shushu offered him to play a video game with her, but Shushu defeated Yuuki. Before that, Yuuki thought it would be an easy game.

But Yuuki got KO in every match; she said to him to get n@k3d. He refused, she said to him to remove his und3rwe@@r, but he said no.  One big demon suddenly attacked their house, and Yuuki grew up and started having a fight with that demon. But after that, one more demon came that was a mixture of more than 100 demons. Shushu tried to use her power, but she wasn’t able to grow more.

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Yuuki said he needs to transform; after that, Yuuki came to know that he kissed the commander’s hand. After that, he got transformed. So, he went near the washing machine and tried to find the commander’s to kiss them so that he can transform.

On the other side, Shushu was trying her level best to defeat that demon. Yuuki was half-transformed, and he started beating that demon, but after only one punch, his transformation wasn’t working. He was trying to get out from it, but Shushu removed her.

The commander was giving a massage to Yuuki; the commander made Shushu in charge of Yuuki. Shushu again clicked a picture when Yuuki was naked. After getting out from the room, Shushu said, “I won’t give up, Yuuki.”

On the other side, the demon was having fights with other forces. Suddenly, one more super powerful woman appeared; her face was revealed in the end, and the episode 2 ends.

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