“Chained Soldier” Episode 1 Recap & Explained: “Chained Soldier” is an ongoing Japanese Anime Fantasy Action Adventure Series, currently available with only 1 episode. The show will be streaming every week, and we will update you with the episode release date. Also, for fans, we’re presenting special recaps and explanations of all episodes.

Episode 1 of “Chained Soldier” starts with a big monster coming to scare one kid. After that, we can see the story of the Supreme Commander and Hero. And the intro appears.

There was a meeting going on in a public school. On the other side, some women were deciding about the National Representative. The lead character was thinking about his career. Suddenly, so much fog appeared around him, and he was shocked.

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He was transported to Mato suddenly, and one monster with red eyes appeared in front of him. But suddenly, someone came and saved him. It was Supreme Commander Kyouka Uzen; she was from the Demon Defence Force from the 7th Squadron.

She took the leading guy with her. She had her own team in Mato. They all were fighting the demons. There were 4 girls in Mato. The commander was still fighting with demons, and the small Nei was also with them.

The Supreme Commander was about to become in charge of all commanders. The name of the leading guy was Yuuki Wakaro. He has to do something to rescue and escape. Yuuki has to fight with demons. Yuuki got transformed into a hero with the special powers of the Supreme Commander. He turned into the Commander’s slave.

Yuuki got so many powers. He started fighting with demons; he was fast as lightning. Yuuki used all of his strength to fight with demons. Yuuki again gets back into human form. The Commander told him to become permanent at that place, and Yuuki survived successfully. He was going back.

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He joined the defense force. He was going with the Commander. The Commander introduced him to all the remaining 3 girls. Yuuki was furious because she said caretaker to him. All of them welcome him, and episode 1 ends.



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