Faith Tricia Todd Now? – Where Is Tricia Todd Daughter Now ? : 2016 was a shocking year for many reasons, and Tricia Todd’s murder was one of them. Tricia was killed by her own husband, and then her body was dissolved in acid. Her teeth were taken out, and her whole body was dismantled by her ex-husband, Steven Williams. Upon investigation, Steven Williams said that he did this to gain custody of his daughter, Faith.

Many of you were curious to know what happened to Steven Williams after that, how he was caught, and, most importantly, what happened to ‘Faith,’ the daughter of Tricia and Steven Williams after the demise of her mother. Here, we are going to cover everything.

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The murder happened on the night of April 26, 2016. Just a few months after the divorce between Steven Williams and Tricia, she went missing. Her family registered a complaint as this was very unusual, and Tricia would never leave her daughter alone with a babysitter. The police started an investigation, but Steven Williams claimed that he had done nothing and had no clue about Tricia. The police found some diaries of Tricia, where she had mentioned Steven Williams and his torture.

The police started investigating Steven Williams again, and after investigations and interrogation, Steven Williams finally revealed that he had killed Tricia. The body of Tricia was discovered in a completely liquid state, with nothing left.

Steven Williams was given 35 years of prison, and that ends the story of Tricia and Steven Williams. Now, the question is, what happened to her daughter ‘Faith’? and where is she now?

‘Faith’ is 9 years old now and is living with one of Tricia’s brothers. She was adopted by one of Tricia’s brothers, and Faith is currently living a happy and peaceful life with her new family and loved ones.

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Hope this clears all your doubts related to Tricia’s daughter Faith. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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