Celebrity Episode 11: The episode begins in the police station where Seo Du-Seong is confronting Yoon Jeong-Sun. Asking her how she did all this. Seo A-Ri stops him and leaves but Yoon Jeong-Sun stops her and tells her how she got jealous of her success and putting all these posts online made her feel as if people cared about her and wanted to hear what she had to say. This feeling made her do all this horrible stuff she’s very sorry about all this and asks Seo A-Ri to forgive her.

Han Jun-Kyung has been taken to a hospital and Si-Hyeon calls Seo A-Ri telling her to get here. As she reaches there Si-Hyeon tells her his operation is successful but he’s still unconscious. Seo A-Ri got another call saying Park Gyeong-Bae has committed suicide and left a letter for her. In that letter, he said he had lost everything and asked for her forgiveness for leaving her like this.

This turn of events made people hate her more and they are now telling her to die. Looking at all these hate comments made her feel very bad she wanted to kill herself.

Yoon Si-Hyeon and Jin Tae-Jeon meet in her office and they talk about their divorce. Yoon Si-Hyeon says she will testify against him in court and sort all this. Jin Tae-Jeon threatens her to reveal all his father’s secrets to the public if she does anything like that but Yoon Si-Hyeon doesn’t care about anyone as she wants to make everything right.

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Seo A-Ri is quite broken and almost tries to jump off the hospital building but Yoon Si-Hyeon stops her.

It’s day 7 of Seo A-Ri’s live stream. Its making big tides and people start demanding the truth therefore police had to act .So they send a search warrant to Tae-Jeon’s office and even arrest Min-Chan.

Oh Min-Hye visits Seo A-Ri’s mother in prison as she was put there for tax fraud by Min-Hye. She asks her about her daughter and if she’s even alive. She gets angry and starts cussing at her.

They trace Seo A-Ri’s livestream location and everyone tries to reach there as soon as possible. Tae-Jeon sends Yong-Tae to take care of her before the police find her. We see Han Jun-Kyung is alive and well now and has been rushing to Seo A-Ri’s location. All of them start looking for Seo A-Ri but police get there right on time and stop Yong-Tae and his men.

We find after that live stream and all the hateful comments and the accident of Han Jun-Kyung had a toll on Seo A-Ri so she called Si-Hyeon before she drove her car into the river. Han Jun-Kyung finds Seo Du-Seong Seo A-Ri’s brother posing as her doing the livestream as the episode ends.



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