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BBBFamous In ‘Celebrity’ Explained | Who is bbbfamous?

BBBFamous In ‘Celebrity’ Explained?: Seo A-Ri gets a DM from an unknown account on Instagram called bbbfamous. She has no idea who this person was or what he/she wanted from her and honestly, she didn’t even care at first because she was the only one who believed in her when no one else would and even helped her get information regarding other celebs and their secrets. Later she gets into trouble for trusting her as she helps Jin Chae-Hee and Oh Min-Hye take revenge.

We’re introduced to Lee Eun-Chae in the final episode of the series although we have seen her pop in several episodes before we had no idea she would be of this much significance to the story.

As we are shown in the series, she is obsessed with a rich lifestyle and wants to become successful so she could afford all those fancy things in life. But she works in a spa named Cellre Aesthetic and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t earn enough to live a lavish life as there are no shortcuts in life.

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She comes across these rich celebs in the spa. They treat her like shit and don’t even value the money they have and spend it carelessly this makes her very sad but she is unable to do anything about it until she comes across a post by Seo A-Ri in which she says how the gabin society is treating their fans as slaves.

This gives her some relief as she’s the only one who actually stood against them. So she decides to DM her and connect so that she can help her reach her goals as she is more deserving than them. After connecting with Seo A-Ri. She helps her by providing all the information about the celebs and Seo A-Ri uses that information to take them down and move up in the world.

But their friendship also comes to an end when Seo A-Ri ignores her DMs at an event and continuously asks her about her real identity. She gets offended by this and starts acting strange and DMs Chae-Hee and Min-Hye take her down.

Which eventually creates a big blunder and Seo A-Ri suffers greatly from this. Seo A-Ri manages to find her real identity and confronts her. This results in a tragic event as Lee Eun-Chae jumps through the window and ends up being severely injured and later taken to a hospital where she waits for trial.


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