Carl Glatzel Now? Where He Is Now? Real Life?: The Devil on Trial is a documentary on the Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. Who said it was the Devil who killed his friend, not him? Carl Glatzel is the brother of Debbie Glatzel. Debbie is the girlfriend of Arne.

Aside from Carl and his father, his whole family believed that David and Arne were possessed by an Entity.

Carl was 15 years old when David got possessed by the Entity. Carl thought it was some mental illness and they should have taken David to a doctor. He said in Netflix’s “The Devil On Trial” that he never believed in ghosts or entities at all. When the warren’s first time meets David they tell David that when the entity will possess you he will start speaking vulgarly.

Soon after the meeting day he started speaking vulgarly when that entity possessed him. According to Carl David might not have spoken those words if The Warrens didn’t tell him about that. It’s like Warren’s putting the idea in David’s mind to speak vulgarly.

He tells how his family will record and shoot everything when David starts behaving differently and then help him. One day David was possessed by the entity and spoke very badly about his mother, his mother telling the entity to leave his son’s body. Then David’s father came and slapped David, and asked him to shut up and be silent. He then stops speaking vulgarly.

Where is Carl Glatzel Now?

After the death of his mother, Carl looked at his mother’s stuff. His mother had OCD, so she could write anything at any time. His mother wrote in a note that the family took the medicine and everything is ok. The medicine his mother used to give is Sominex which is a sleeping medicine. His mother used to put Sominex in food so everyone could sleep well. Carl thinks whatever happens with David is because of the drug his mother used to put in food without them knowing.

Carl Glatzel might be living in the same city where he was born, talking about if he is married or not. Carl Glatzel is married and he might have children.



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