Cabinet Of Curiosities LOT 36 Ending Explained: Guillermo Del Toro’s “Cabinet Of Curiosities” has officially arrived on Netflix and released its first two Episodes on the night of 25th October as “Night One: Scavengers”. The first episode is titled “LOT 36” which is a nice one considering it contained a lot of ideas in a less than an hour runtime.

However, the ending of the Episode is also interesting. If you’ve watched the Episode and are also curious about that, you’re in the right place

LOT 36 is a storage unit that comes under an establishment that dates far back, even the World War times this one tenant has been coming there for decades, and suddenly, one day he dies.

The security cameras show his odd rabbit hop when entering or exiting the storage unit and also coming there with a bagful of things and leaving the unit with an empty bag. After that person dies with no one left to claim that unit, it goes on a bid, and the protagonist of this Episode, Nick Appleton is a bigot and believes that America does not belong to the refugees that come here just to reap the benefits of the hard work of working-class Americans who fought a war for America.

We can see his true nature when a Spanish-speaking lady asks him about the other locker Nick had bought to take some of her personal belongings like pictures and letters but being who he is, Nick asks for a price for those things and straightforwardly says no to her face.

After Nick finds some things in the locker, he gets beaten up by a person who collects debts. After pitying Nick over the beating, he is directed to another pawn shop where his items will be bought fair and square at a good price. After the séance board, he finds from the storage unit three books titled “Liber Primus: Daemonia”, “Liber Secundus: Symbolvia” & “Liber Tertius: Perilipsi” and the buyer calls a person who will be more than interested in those books.

After that person arrives who’s very much into that type of book, he tells Nick that this is a bundle of 4 books and the 4th one is the rarest one and if Nick finds him the 4th one, he will pay $300,000 for all of them together.

Roland, on his way to the storage unit, confesses that he is all aware of the person who had the storage unit before him and describes that person as a man who did evil knowingly and was involved in occult activities.

He had invoked an entity, a demon, and offered it a vessel to occupy, which was his own sister. When they arrive in the storage unit, they find that there’s a hidden passage that reeks and finds a body laying there inside a circle and also finds the 4th book inside the circle.

Roland sees that the demon had housed himself inside the face of Dottie Wilmar, the sister who was offered as a vessel to the demon. But when that book is taken by breaking the circle, the demon wakes up and kills Roland and in the end kills Nick as well.

However, we see that when he is awakened and kills Roland, the 4th book titled “Liber Quartus Sacramentum” has all the spells and rituals to bind a demon and make him earthbound which burns down at the moment that transaction between the demon and the book’s purveyor completes.

So, the book was still intact because the demon was promised something in exchange for something by the old man who died but since the transaction is incomplete, the demon is not free yet making the book intact and not burnt already but when the circle is broken and the demon kills Roland the book burns completing the transaction.



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