Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is back with another season and is giving us some great stories that still remain unsolved one of the Episodes is “Something in The Sky” which touches upon the ever-eyebrow-raising question of the existence of aliens or UFOs.

The Episode focuses on the fateful night of March 8, 1994, when hundreds of people in Michigan, USA reported witnessing a strange phenomenon in the sky. The Episode features William Konkolesky of the Mutual UFO Network & Virginia Tilly, an investigator at the organization at that time.

William Konkolesky is the director of the Michigan Chapter of MUFON, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that investigates UFO sightings. William joined the organization in 1993 and in the Episode talked about how they typically get a hundred such reports while about 90% of them have a logical explanation but the ones that remain keep the team going. He also added that the ones which remain unexplained, do not jump to conclusions and instead declare that they do not know what it is.

The Episode focussed on the aforementioned sightings on March 8, 1994, that MUFON looked into by interviewing 300 eyewitnesses at that time. Virginia Tilly traveled to Holland, Michigan to find out more and she interviewed multiple people about what they saw. In 1994, Virginia said that they are getting 10 or 15 new sightings a day.

In the episode, she remembers talking to a couple at that time that was camping right on the lake on the night of March 8 and they told her about seeing a tall water tower in the lake at around midnight, adding it was a high waterfall, about 20 feet wide and was lit from behind and above.

In addition to that, Jack Bushong, the meteorologist in Muskegon, Michigan mentioned seeing something similar on his radar around that time and he stated that the object was at approximately 6000 feet.



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