TVF’s Flames has returned after a year of wait with its third term which is the most challenging term in the lives of teenagers, 12th standard where they’re confused about what to choose they’ll be with the rest of their lives while this is not the main story we’ve been waiting for the show, here’s Rajat aka Rajjo optimistically waiting for Ishita to get better so they could get back together and the series starts off from Ishita coming back from her maternal grandmother’s home where she went to clear her mind about her future plans.

This season goes like a “sine wave” (quoting Rajat’s elder brother Nikhil) with its ups and downs but it’s normal for the audience to want to know if they do get back together this season or if there’s still no hope for our beloved Rajjo.

Well, long story short, yes they do get back together after a series of incidents that were due to both Rajjo’s & Ishita’s fear. Ishita had been distancing herself from Rajjo because of her fear that Rajjo will leave her again and better create distance than trust just to get left again.

On the other hand, Rajjo had been trying to get back together with Ishita but trying harder, even desperate coming with antics to try to get Ishita’s attention and spend time with her. It was Rajjo’s fear of losing Ishita that he so desperately kept trying.

Towards the end of this season after Rajjo confronts Ishita about her friend Batri who has been getting close to her and all Ishita talks about is their memories together from childhood which makes Rajjo quite insecure about him and they end up having a fight that was long due from the point of Rajjo and he says things that he didn’t quite mean but said anyway which hurts Ishita a lot to the point that we see the repetition of last season’s scene where she cries in her father’s arms asking “Why does everyone leave me?”.

The difference in this season is that her father has an answer now that everyone leaves, even if you’ll be together nothing is permanent in this world and when it’ll be your time you will leave too but that doesn’t mean that we stop loving those people. If we stop trusting people just so we don’t get hurt, that’s going to be a very lonely life.

Ishita & Rajjo meet at Batra’s birthday party and Rajjo asks Ishita to go somewhere they talk it out, sharing their insecurities about how both of them feared things. But the love birds get back together by the end of the Episode and the proof we get is from a photographer at the lake who asks them for a couple of photos and they happily agree for a couple of clicks.

FLAMES All 3 Seasons are available to stream on Amazon.



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