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Cabinet Of Curiosities: Graveyard Rats Ending Explained: Guillermo Del Toro’s much-awaited Horror, Drama anthology has been releasing two Episodes a day and each of them has been directed by directors that have distinguished themselves in that specific genre the Episodes are quite distinctive as well.

This article focuses on the second Episode of the first night titled “Scavengers” and the title of the Episode is “Graveyard Rats” if you’ve watched that Episode and are interested in the ironic ending, you’re at the right place. Let’s dive right in.

The Episode starts with two graveyard thieves who dug the buried grave and are looking to steal anything valuable when they’re stopped by the caretaker of that graveyard who delivers a quite honest and admirable monologue about respecting those who have been there before and how humans civilization started when they started burying their elders but to no avail when he himself is also a grave thief who is at war with the rats that rob the entire corpse of expensive materials like gold or silver teeth or any valuables before he could take them out to pay a loan he had taken from a loan shark.

He confesses to the loan shark that the rats have become trouble and leave nothing for him to rob. However, with one week’s time to get the money, he finds a corpse of a wealthy shipping merchant who has gold teeth and is even going to be buried with all his medals and his saber. Tempted by those ornaments, he waits for the burial of that merchant but sadly, finds the body being taken somewhere else by the rats.

He decides to follow the rats into their tunnel where they’re taking that merchant’s body and in there, he meets a life-endangering rat bigger than him, who he shoots but doesn’t affect the rat much. Crawling away from the rat, he falls into a tunnel that goes straight down into a big hall where he finds a lot of skeletons and finds valuables attached to them like gold chains and rings which he takes but this one ornament-like jewelry, he gets tempted to take it and while taking it off from a skeleton, the skeleton comes alive and grabs onto him biting his ear off and repeatedly saying “Mine”.

After running away from the skeleton he finds himself asking for mercy from god when he finds himself cornered by the big fat rat and the skeleton and tries to fight off the rat with a sword he found in the rubble of skeletons. He is able to kill the rat and sees light coming from somewhere so he follows it.

At the end of it, he comes inside a grave, the very place he started from but the only difference is, this is a totally different grave, and it is not open. At a dead end, he cries out loudly but then finds rats running toward him.

The Episode ends with the two young men who were robbing graves opening one grave and finding Masson lying in the grave which is ironic because he was the one imparting wisdom about not robbing graves and here, they are doing it again and the grave they find is Masson’s who himself was a grave robber.

I guess what goes around, comes around. In the last scene, we see a swarm of rats coming out of Masson’s mouth as they cover him entirely.


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