Burning Body Episode 4: “In this episode, we will learn how Rosa met Pedro and became close to him. So, let’s begin the discussion of Episode 4.

Let’s go back to the past. While walking in the car park, we see a bouquet being presented to Rosa. Rosa thought it must be from Javi, but it wasn’t. Sofia also didn’t like Javi. The bouquet was actually given by Pedro. Later, he and Rosa went on a dinner date. Pedro was gradually falling in love with her, while Rosa’s relationship with Javi was gradually deteriorating. Javi understood that his wife was having an affair and went to meet Pedro, who was waiting outside.

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Pedro had anger issues, and one day, during work, a boy with a bike didn’t listen to Pedro. So, Pedro severely scolded him. As a result, Pedro was suspended. During his difficult time, Rosa came to comfort him. Albert and Pedro crossed paths at the police station, and they both despised each other.

Let’s go back to Christmas Day, where Pedro confessed his divorce with Silvia and his love for Rosa. Silvia, heartbroken, left them. Right after that, she asked Rosa when she would break up with Javi.

Javi confessed his love for Carmen and left Rosa. That’s why Javi abandoned Rosa. Now, she felt helpless and wanted to start a new life. After twelve years, their relationship ended, so she first called Albert, but he was also angry because he understood that Rosa was in love with Pedro. A family get-together took place, and Rosa’s family accepted Pedro as her new husband, and Sofia also accepted him.

On the other side, Ester tried to interrogate others from the police department. Ester found out that Rosa and Albert were a normal couple, leading her to suspect Albert. Pedro’s ex-wife, Silvia, met with Rosa and asked her what had actually happened between them. But Rosa kept everything hidden. Later, they also discussed the office in charge, Ester, who was investigating this case. That’s how their conversation ended.

Afterward, Rosa went to meet with Ester because she wanted to be interrogated again. Ester wasn’t suspicious of Javi, so she asked Rosa what had happened between her and Pedro. Rosa confessed that she had never dated Albert, and whatever people were saying was fake.

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They also wanted to bring Rosa’s parents for another interrogation. Rosa told her parents that Javi was falsely accusing her. Upon hearing Javi’s name, Rosa’s parents became upset. They didn’t meet Pedro on May 2nd; instead, they met him on May 1st. So, they lied to the police, claiming that Pedro had gone unnoticed. It’s clear that everyone is an expert at hiding the truth.

During the interrogation, Ester asked about Rosa’s relationship with Albert. Rosa’s parents confessed that they were just friends.

Eduard, who works with Ester, located the phone locations of Rosa and Albert, and they discovered that both Rosa and Pedro were at the same place at Rosa’s house from the night of May 1st to the morning of May 2nd. At that time, Albert was also there. So, what happened after May 2nd?

At the end of this episode, Rosa alerted Albert because the police might track them. They decided to distance themselves from each other for some time, and that’s how Rosa said goodbye to Albert. Things are becoming more interesting. Let’s find out what secrets will be revealed in the next episode.”



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