“Does Rosa have a perfect life with Pedro, or is it just a facade? Let’s find out in the discussion of this episode.

Burning Body Episode 5: Pedro and Rosa were enjoying their time together. Pedro was a good guy who loved his wife, Rosa, deeply. Seeing them together made Albert feel jealous. So when he came to meet Rosa, he became angry and left. Albert had screenshots of conversations with Rosa, which he forwarded to Pedro.

Seeing this, Pedro became violent, abused Rosa, and felt guilty for losing Silvia. Silvia confirmed that he was a jealous guy who easily got offended. After Albert’s intervention, Pedro went to meet his ex-wife and son.

Rosa openly expressed her love for Pedro on social media. Although they had some issues, they loved each other deeply, and Pedro always came back. Pedro’s friend advised him against marrying her, but Pedro didn’t listen. Instead, he introduced his friend Alvaro to help Rosa’s case against Detective Manuel.

Alvaro wanted to marry Rosa, but it seemed Rosa wasn’t ready for it. Rosa continued to keep secrets from Pedro, especially regarding her feelings for Albert. Pedro always kept track of Rosa, almost controlling her, which she didn’t like. Rosa went to meet Albert and confided in him about everything going on in her life. It was clear that Rosa had strong feelings for Albert. While Pedro was busy with back surgery, Albert stayed with Rosa. During this time, she was also taking birth control pills. Rosa admitted that she didn’t love Pedro at all.

Pedro’s close friend met with Ester and informed her that the last message from Pedro might not have been written by him because he usually sent voice messages.

Albert met with his brother, who didn’t even know his name, as he had been in jail due to drugs. Now, he needed a place to live, so Albert invited him.

Ester confirmed that on May 2nd, Pedro wasn’t at any repair shop, and he wasn’t active in any chat groups. Ester realized that Rosa’s parents must have been lying. After another round of interrogation, Ester finally caught them.

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During this time, while Rosa was busy playing with her daughter Sofia, the police arrested her and Albert. Ester promised to take care of Sofia. Albert was arrested at the police station. What will happen next? What is the actual truth? Let’s find out in the next episode.”



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