Breathe Season 3 Release Date, Story & More: Amazon’s latest outing in the web series world was with the second season of the hit show Breathe. The show was titled Breathe: Into the shadows and it starred some of the brilliant actors of recent times. In the lead were Amit Sadh, Abhishek Bachchan, and Nithya Menen.

The show has received a big thumbs up from the audience with the praise for it’s acting, storyline and direction. The series also managed to create a good amount of mystery and suspense which kept the viewers into their seats. Now after the season 2 ended on an open note, fans are wondering whether there will be a season 3 of the hit franchise. Let’s talk about it.

Breathe Season 3 Coming Or Not?

Well seeing the trend of the show, Prime video might not be in the mind to cancel the series. The first season was tremendously acclaimed and the second season has followed the predecessor’s path. It would not be a bad idea to capitalize on the moment and why not? People are loving the series and the makers have ample opportunity to make them happy. Seeing the ongoing situation across the world, Prime video hasn’t announced yet that if there will be a season three of the show. Meaning that there is no official confirmation as of now of the new season.

But we should not lose hope of getting a new season because people are liking the OTT Platforms now and would like much more of their favorite series. Infact the show falls into a mystery thriller genre which gives it a good advantage of renewal. It seems that prime video wants to ride high on the success as of now and we might get an announcement in the near possible future.


In season 1 the story was sort of completed and thus it wasn’t taken forward, although the character of Kabir Sawant returned for the show’s second season as the No nonsense Cop. The season focused on him getting over his mistakes which are made unknowingly in a mission and his afterlife of living with what he has done. The show is pretty consistent on Kabir’s narrative therefore we can see a lot more about his life in the third season.

Will It Be A continuation Of 2nd Season?

Now, what about the main mystery of the third season? We can’t say as of now about how the third season might be. Seeing the nature of the show it is an anthology show as of now with only Kabir Sawant being the only consistent character throughout both the seasons. But the second season has ended on an open note and that too on a high. We see Avinash/J handing over a note to Shirley which contained the words C-16.

There are various theories regarding what that might have been which can be explored in the next season. If the makers want to continue the story of Avinash/J they might have ample opportunity of making the season regarding the incomplete mission of J.

But seeing the show’s narrative of two seasons, there also might be a possibility of a whole new and different story for the third season thus structuring the show’s genre as an anthology mystery drama. Since there is no announcement as of yet, all of us can do but speculate.


Well, the new season might bring some new cast but Amit Sadh will remain in the cast since he is the main lead of the show. If the makers continue the storyline of season 2 we might expect Abhishek Bachchan, Nithya Menen, Saiyami Kher to reprise their roles. But if there will be a new storyline we might get various addition in the cast of the show.

Release Date

The Breathe Season 3 is going to release in 2022. Seeing the ongoing Pandemic and also that no official confirmation of a third season as of yet we might not get a new season till late 2021. But fingers crossed and we may get the series soon.

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