Gus Bell In 'Boy Swallows Universe' Character Explained

Gus Bell In ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Character Explained – Actor Name

Gus Bell In ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Character Explained: Boy Swallows Universe is a coming to age limited drama series that is now streaming on Netflix this show is based on the biography of Trent Dalton and this show story centers around a boy named Eli Bell and his family where we see that he is living with his brother named Gus and his mother and his mother boyfriend and more details which we see in this show.

In this article, i am going to tell the details about the main lead male character named Gus Bell where i have covered all his details in depth along with the show and more we see in this articles.

In this show, we see that Gus Bell is an older brother of Eli we find that he has never spoken to anyone since when he was seven years old he is always been a mysterious member of the family where we see that he often moves his hand in the air and try to write something is air which we believe that he is having some sort of visions and Eli believe in that stuff.

Later, we find that he is so talented that he can easily explain the stuff in his brain and he has knowledge of predicting the future we see that Gus often shares his vision with his brother Eli and he also tells him about his mother and why teddy attacked his mother where Eli always appreciate his vision.

After that, we see that Gus always tries to leave alone after her mother leaves his father and leaves with Lyle where he begins some sudden change in his body which makes him shocked due to he never speaks to anyone and always keeps quiet and only share is stuff with his smaller brother Eli.

In this show, Lee Tiger Halley portrayed the role of Gus Bell, an actor from Western Australia whereas we saw him in different movies and shows including The Heights, Crazy Fun Park and more this is his first show on Netflix.

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This is all the details about the second main lead character of this show hope you like it, Let me know in the comment box that how much you like this show.


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