Black Knight Episode 2: Netflix original K Drama show Black Knight is now available to watch on Netflix with 6 Episodes. The episodes are around 40-45 Minutes long and here we are covering the episode wise recap of the show.

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“Who was this unknown man who attacked Sa-Wol’s house? What did they want? A lot of questions will be answered very soon. As we are doing an episode-wise recap, let’s talk about episode 2.

It continues where episode 1 ended, after one of the attackers killed Seul-ah and Sa-Wol and ran away, Knight 5-8 saw him. He went there and killed one guy in that unknown team who was on a mission to “kill the target”. Black Knight 5-8 saw Major Jung Seol-ah in that house along with her sister Seul-ah. Miraculously, Sa-Wol is alive, so 5-8 saved him.

When Major Jung Seol-ah reached her house, she found her sister dead. She ordered Sergeant Lee to investigate this matter and find out who they were. On the other side, Sa-Wol is better now after treatment but he was unable to get over the trauma of losing his sister. At that moment, Knight 5-8 found something mysterious on Sa-Wol, claiming that “these are not just rumors”.

In another scene, we saw the place where Sa-Wol used to go. Major Jung Seol-ah reached there and was talking to an old man who took care of other boys who lived there, including Sa-Wol whenever he came there.

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In the special district, Knight 5-8 went to talk with Major Jung Seol-ah. He was invited for an investigation. While Major Jung Seol-ah was in training, she found Sa-Wol injured, and she helped him and took care of him. Later, we saw Sa-Wol return to his big sister. So Seol-ah is Major Jung Seol-ah’s own sister, and Sa-Wol was adopted. She told him to stay with his friends. Later, Sa-Wol left there. While returning to his friends’ group, he was badly thrashed by Hunters, but later his friends saved him and treated his injuries.

Later we found the CEO of Cheonmyeong group, Mr. Ryu Seok, in his room. At that moment, a delivery man, 5-7, arrived there. They were discussing “The Key”. If 5-7 found that key, he would be promoted to a special zone. 5-8 went and assassinated a man with special marks who was doing experiments with kids.

On the other side, Ryu was talking with his father, Cheonmyeong, who informed him about a murder in the general district causing disturbance in District A. The President also informed Cheonmyeong about it. Cheonmyeong informed that he couldn’t believe anyone, including his son. These words hurt Mr. Ryu, who was slowly dying.

“Later 5-8 met with an old man who was with those kids. 5-8 informed him that a bullet had bounced off his head and nothing had happened. In this scene, it was revealed that Sa-Wol is a mutant. The old man started to say that his mother worked in an Oxyanium mine, and he worked in the radioactive area. There were miners’ children working there. Now, at least 100 refugee children have gone missing in the present, and this kidnapping is also happening in the General District. On the other side, Major Jung Seol-ah and his team are finding the kidnappers, and they have a name: 5-7.

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While 5-7 is trying to commit suicide, 5-8 saved him at the delivery station. After talking to 5-7, 5-8 found out that 5-7 is the key to the kidnappers of the General District. He knows a lot of secrets, and while he was telling 5-8 that “those kids were sent for experimentation,” Mr. Ryu eliminated him. That is how 5-7 died. Later, Mr. Ryu discussed a new key for their special experiment. On the other side, we have proof that 5-8 is the strongest Black Knight. At the coal mining place, Sa-Wol’s friend found out about the new recruitment of Black Knights.

This episode ended when Sa-Wol came to meet with 5-8. He was standing still, and 5-8 was coming with full speed in his truck. What happened next? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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