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Citadel Episode 3 Recap & Explained

Citadel Episode 3 Recap & Explained: The third episode of the newly released Amazon Prime series was decent. It focused more on the flashback and backstories of both characters. We are covering the show episode by episode, so here’s the recap of episode 3. You can also check Episode 2 Recap for better Connect between series.

In the last two episodes, we saw how Mason and Nadia got to know each other, and in the final minutes of episode 2, Nadia saved Mason from an attack. Episode 3 picks up where episode 2 left off.

Nadia takes Mason to a safe house. Mason asks her if he can trust her and about their past life, but Nadia says there was nothing between them. The story then shifts to 12 years back when Nadia was working for an organization on behalf of Citadel. Mason was given a task to get a biological weapon, and Nadia helped him rescue it. Mason was badly injured, and he and Nadia became close.

The story jumps back to the present, where Dahila is torturing Bernard to get the code. Bernard refuses to give it even after the brutal torture.

On the other hand, Nadia receives an alert from Agent Carter Spence and tracks her location near Morocco. She discovers an emergency video message sent six months ago. Nadia asks Mason to get help from “Balduino Basto,” a local Don in Morocco. Balduino reveals some shocking truths about Nadia, saying she was behind the Citadel’s collapse and selling crucial information to Manticore.

When Mason asks Nadia about the allegations, she denies them. The story then shifts to Manticore, where Dahila’s man Andres is torturing Bernard again. Before Andres can insert a screwdriver into Bernard’s head, Bernard tells him that his girlfriend is alive. Andres is shocked and asks Bernard to show him her picture. Bernard shows him a picture, revealing a shocking twist in the show. Andres’ girlfriend was Abby, and she is now Mason Kane’s present wife. The episode ends here.

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There are lots of twists and turns in the show. Abby, who is Mason’s current wife, was Andres’ girlfriend and a Manticore agent. It will be interesting to see which side she chooses when she learns the truth. The chemistry between Mason and Nadia is also intriguing. We hope the remaining episodes answer these questions.



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