Dahaad Episode 1: Amazon Prime Video much awaited show Dahaad is now available to watch on the Platform. There are total 8 Episodes in the series and all are around 40 Minutes long. Here goes the episode wise recap of the show.

The Episode 1 of the show starts with various characters, each having their own problems. Let’s talk about them one by one.

The first character is Anjali Bhaati, played by Sonakshi Sinha, who is an SI at a local police station and is looking after the case of the disappearance of a Thakur girl who claimed to have run away with her Muslim lover. Devilal Singh, played by Gulshan Devaiah, is the SHO of the same police station.

The story also tells about Mahipal Singh, a local politician who is looking into the matter very closely and even protesting in front of the police station. We are introduced to a character named Anand Swarnkar, played by Vijay Varma, who is a college professor.

We also get to see a low-caste guy named Murli, played by Yogi Singh, who is also looking for his sister Krishna, who is missing. Mahipal brings that boy to the police station who was with that Thakur girl, and the police arrest that boy. Devi Lal Singh knows that he is innocent, and that’s why he has sympathy for that guy.

Anjali and Devilal go for an investigation at Ranjni Thakur’s house, and there Anjali faces caste discrimination. The story goes back to the flashback 6 months earlier, where we get to see that Krishna meets Anand Swarnkar.

The story now comes to the present where we get to see that Anand goes to his secret van, which was parked in his compound, takes out some pictures and mastur@@tes to those pictures. In the next frame, we also get to see that Anand has a brother.

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Mahipal puts pressure on the District SP to register a case against Altaaf, and he also wants Altaaf’s transfer to some other jail. Anjali and Devi Lal put masks on their faces and elope with Altaf from police custody and send him to Shimla for his safety. On the other hand, Anand came to know that his wife is having an affair with her office colleague.

The SP starts an inquiry about Altaaf running away from police custody and gives the case to Kailash Pragi and asks him to investigate how Altaaf managed to get out of jail. In the next frame, we get to see that Anand is talking with some girl on a video call with a changed name.

Kailash also starts an investigation into Krishan’s case and comes to know that Krishna was talking with some man named Javed. On the other hand, Bhaati gets to know that Krishna used to talk with a man named Vijay.

Anjali asks Krishna’s brother about the real name, and he reveals that the name of the guy was Vijay. Krishna’s brother lied about the name so that the police can start investigating the matter soon.

On the other hand, Mahipal’s men reach Javed’s village and thrash him and then tie him with a rope on the railway track. The episode ends with a train coming towards Javeed. The episode 1 of the show looks great, and the character of Vijay Varma is just amazing. He looks scary, and now it will be interesting to see more of him in the upcoming episodes.



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