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Class of ’09 Episode 1 Recap: FX Original presents an eight-episode American crime drama series that is currently streaming two episodes on Hulu, with the rest coming weekly.

In this article, we are going to discuss an episode-wise recap, but before that, let’s know the overview story of this series. The series is all about a class of FBI agents and their life journey in three different line-ups. It also shows the changes in the US justice system after the introduction of artificial intelligence. Let’s do the episode 1 recap.

The story starts in the future, 2034. FBI Director Tayo Michaels walks into the Cybersecurity office. A lady named Ashley Poet from FBI in a high modern car finds a suspect named Amos Garcia as a potential extremist. His threat level against the bureau is totally increased. For his arrest, a warrant is issued. She and her team, with Cop Murphy, go to an abandoned house to search for Amos.

They find a room full of monitors, and when they play one of them, a speech of FBI Director Tayo Michaels plays everywhere. In the speech, Tayo is speaking about his country: “We are not only one of the greatest countries on Earth but also the safest country too.” Amos probably left it for the FBI search team, but the question is how he knew about it. This is how the intro of “Class of ’09” started. Let’s jump into the past where it started.

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In 2009, Ashley Poet met with Murphy, a cop, in the FBI office. Ashley was a nurse before joining the FBI, and Murphy served 12 years in a different place as a cop. Later, Ashley went into room B5, where she found a girl named Hour Nazari complaining about room sharing with other staff. Later they both went to a class where Drew, a counselor, gave them a lecture on how to protect 300 million Americans. Drew handed over to Gabriel, who informed them about FBI’s New Agent Class in 1935 as they were the first FBI agents. Later, Gabriel and Drew started an introduction session where they learned about all the students present in the hall.

  1. Daniel Lennix, who was a lawyer like his father and grandparents, also joined the FBI.
  2. Hour Nazari used to live in Iran with her parents, but after her father was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence for carrying a backpack of books on the Soviet Union, he was tortured and sought asylum elsewhere.
  3. Tayo Michaels is a 30-year-old guy who worked in insurance before applying to the bureau. He thought he was doing the wrong work, so he joined the FBI.
  4. Ashley Poet worked in an asylum as a nurse before joining the FBI, and 5) Nathan’s identity is not discussed. They pledged to serve their lives in the FBI. Just then, a small sparrow hit the window. Nathan asked Sir Gabriel to burn it to the ground, and they did. Tayo was in his room when Ashley arrived to talk with him. It seems like she knows him. Afterward, Ashley and Daniel went to a bar and spent some time together. Meanwhile, Nazari and Tayo assumed that Ashley and Daniel would be married within five years.

Let’s go back to the present day, 2023. Ashley and a male officer went to an apartment and knocked on a room to listen for gunfire from inside. While they searched the room, Ashley found a young boy. Just then, she heard gunfire, and the male officer killed the man. She joined an undercover operation called Blue Score, which began nine months ago, and it took her three months to join. She recorded information about everyone in the operation, who were all corrupt as police officers.

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So, Ashley succeeded where everyone else had failed in the undercover operation. After this operation, she had a session with an FBI psychiatrist. She was engaged when she joined the FBI, but she left her husband to do so. On the other side, she received congratulations from her fellow agents for busting the biggest police corruption case in the Bureau’s history. Meanwhile, Daniel became the associate executive assistant director.

That night, she met with Nazari, who was currently working on a database of the most powerful criminals, and invited Ashley to join. This whole plan was Daniel’s idea; he wanted to spy on his own system as he believed that Nazari’s work could fundamentally change the Bureau’s operation. But Ashley wasn’t ready to join the plan.

Let’s go back to the future. The Senate Judiciary Committee gives an order to Director Tayo Michaels to ask about extending his ten years’ involvement as a director in the FBI. He saw the changes in the world and believed that he could handle them. After the hearing, Ashley met with Tayo and informed him about Amos Garcia, and asked him why she was chosen for this case.

Later, Tayo informed her that Amos was mentally and physically unwell, making him a very dangerous man, and he believed that Ashley and Murphy were the best choices for capturing him. Later, when she was in her room, she suddenly found a guy wearing a mask inside her room. The mask prevented tracking him, so he was Amos, and he was in her room five minutes later. The FBI arrived and shot him down. Before he was killed, he threw a keycard to Ashley. Ashley hid it and didn’t speak about anything regarding Amos.

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Episode 1 ended with lots of questions. What was Amos’s motive, and why did the FBI kill him? We also need to know why he gave the keycard to Ashley. With many mysteries and questions, the first episode ended with unanswered questions. Let’s move on to the next episode to learn more.


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