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Black Cake Episode 1: Recap, Summary And Explained

Black Cake Episode 1: Black Cake is a new drama series on Hulu created by Marissa Jo Cerar. The show has 8 episodes and follows a single mother, Eleanor Bennett, who has a dark past that her children don’t know.

We are going to cover the episode’s recap for the show and here goes the recap and ending Explanation of Episode 1 of the show. The show is now streaming on hulu.

Black Cake Episode 1 “Covey” Recap

In the beginning, we see a young bride named Covey escaping an Island. The scene moved from there, and we see Eleanor, who tries to surf but gets caught in an accident. She is now in the hospital, and her son Byron meets her; she was fine. But the happiness was short-lived as the doctor revealed Eleanor has a brain tumor.

Byron was shocked by it, so he left the room and called her sister Benny. Benny didn’t pick up his call, so Byron messaged her, but she didn’t reply. And in frustration, Byron calls her and leaves a message saying mom was fine. It’s been a year now after Byron got the news, and Eleanor died due to the tumor. Byron is in the lawyer’s office to discuss his mother’s will.

Benny comes there too, but Byron was angry at her as she never called him back or never talked about their mother’s health after the accident. The lawyer first gave them a letter from their mother. Eleanor wrote that she left a Black Cake in the fridge, which they should eat when the time is right.

Then the lawyer explained that Eleanor left a pen drive with 7 audio recordings which they should listen to together under the lawyer’s watch. Eleanor never tells her children about her past, where she was from, and other things her children should know. Eleanor’s real name was Covey, and she was from an island in the West Indies. Covey was really great at swimming from her childhood. Her mother left her and her father when she was just 11. Covey’s father Lin was a gambling addict and ran a shop on the island. Lin takes care of Covey, and Covey became very good at swimming and participated in a lot of swimming competitions.

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In one competition, Lin saw Covey with a boy named Gibbs. Gibbs and Covey were dating, and soon Gibbs would go to London for college. Lin didn’t like Gibbs and asked Covey to stay away from him. Covey didn’t listen to him and asked him to come to the beach in the afternoon. Covey went there with her friend Bunny for training.

Black Cake

Gibbs met with Covey, but Covey had to train as Bunny, and she wanted to participate in swimming competitions and win medals. A hurricane was coming to the island, but they didn’t know about it. Covey and Bunny practiced in the hurricane, but Covey soon lost sight of Bunny and got lost in the sea. Covey stopped frightening and started swimming through the hurricane.

Covey finally saw the land; Lin was already there, so he went to Covey and rescued her. That hurricane killed a million people on the island, and that night changed the lives of Covey. In the morning, Lin found his store on fire. His goods had been destroyed in the fire, and there was nothing left. Lin told Covey that it was the loan shark Little Man who burned his store. Covey was angry at him for taking a loan from the Loan Shark.

Lin didn’t find any way to, so Little Man asked him to marry his daughter Covey with him. Lin didn’t do anything and did as Little Man said. Lin said this to Covey to be with Little Man until he found a way to repay the debt. Covey talked to Gibbs about this; Gibbs asked Covey to come with him to London. Covey didn’t go with him as Little Man might kill her father.

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It’s been one month, and Covey is finally marrying Little Man. Covey wasn’t happy about it, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Her father felt ashamed after seeing her daughter getting married to Little Man. In the marriage party, Little Man drinks some wine and died. When everyone checked on Little Man, Covey ran from there. She goes to the beach and swims from there to a secret hiding place.

The Henry Brothers beat Lin, thinking he killed Little Man, but he didn’t do anything. The police are suspecting Covey killed Little Man, and they are searching for her. Everyone thought Covey is dead, but Bunny thought she is alive. After some time, Covey returns to the beach where she meets Bunny.

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Bunny gives her a bag which has a dress and money to go to London. Covey asks Bunny to come with her, but she didn’t do it as it might alert everyone that Covey is alive. Bunny tells Covey to use her mother’s last name, Coventina Brown. Covey left the island that night and went to London. She meets Eleanor in London. Covey wanted a new identity, so she thought of killing Eleanor and taking her identity.

Has Covey Killed Eleanor? We will know it in the next episode.



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