Who Died In 'A Haunting In Venice' Movie? Explained

Who Died In ‘A Haunting In Venice’ Movie? Explained

Who Died In ‘A Haunting In Venice’ Movie? : They start the séance, and Joyce uses a typewriter to communicate with the spirit. She begins talking with the spirit, and the typewriter starts typing automatically without any person touching it. Hercule Poirot tells her to stop and goes to the chimney in the room, where he finds a man hiding in it. The man’s name is Nicholas Holland, and he is the second assistant of Joyce and the half-brother of Desdemona Holland.

He is using a remote control to manipulate the typewriter, which is how they tricked everyone. Suddenly, Joyce starts acting strangely. She begins speaking in Alicia’s voice and claims that she was murdered. The typewriter types the letter “M,” and a window suddenly opens, distracting everyone for a moment. Someone notices that Alicia’s toy, Baba, is missing from the room.

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Hercule talks with Joyce after the séance and tells her that he knows she is a fraud. He explains that people like her exploit the vulnerabilities of others to make money. Joyce insists that she isn’t lying and responds to Hercule by mentioning that death happens everywhere, including to his friends, family, and Katherine.

A Haunting in The Venice : Summary and Ending Explained
A Haunting in The Venice

Katherine was Hercule’s wife, who died in a train accident. Hercule is shocked but remains convinced that Joyce is a fraud. Joyce puts her mask on Hercule and asks him to lighten up, as he is being very serious. Hercule walks through the palazzo and sees an apple-bobbing tub. He tries to retrieve an apple by putting his head in the water. Suddenly, someone approaches from behind and attempts to drown Hercule in the tub.

Hercule loses consciousness, but the killer leaves him there. Fortunately, Hercule’s bodyguard arrives and rescues him, leaving him alive and well. They suddenly hear someone shouting and discover Joyce dead. Someone has pushed her from the second floor.

Hercule Poirot now takes the case into his own hands and locks the doors, preventing anyone from leaving the palazzo. He begins questioning everyone.

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