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Five Nights At Freddy’s Ending Explained | Full Plot Summary

Five Nights At Freddy’s Ending Explained: Halloween special Horror thriller film ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ is now available to watch in the cinema and on VODs too. I just finished watching the film and it’s out to be an interesting one. Here I am going to tell you about the full Summary, recap, and ending explanation of the film.

The story of the film starts with the introduction of the main lead characters. We get to see Abby, a small girl who lives with her brother Mike. Mike has a bad past, and someone took his brother during his childhood in front of his eyes, leading to him hallucinating that moment. We also get to see that Mike is also fighting the custody case of Abby with her aunt.

Mike was recently fired from his job due to his negligence, and he later has to work at night as he didn’t have many options left. Mike gets a job at a place named Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza store, which used to be a fun place around 80 years ago and is now an abandoned location. Mike starts working at that place, and the first day is pretty normal.

Later, we get to see that Mike’s aunt is planning to gather some evidence against Mike so that she can take custody of Abby, and Abby’s caretaker, Max, is also with them. In the night, a police officer named ‘Vanessa’ comes to the place and shares some stories about that location with Mike. She also adds that some children went missing there during the 80s, and since then, the place has been shut down.

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The next day, some goons sent by Mike’s aunt break into the place (Freddy’s), and they start damaging everything. Max (Abby’s caretaker) is also with them. Shockingly, we get to see all mascots start behaving like living objects, and they start killing everyone, ultimately resulting in everyone’s death, including Max. That night, Mike tries to call Max to take care of Abby, but she doesn’t respond (as she is dead). So, Mike takes Abby along with him to work.

Upon reaching Freddy’s, he sees that everything is scattered here and there, and nothing is in its original place. Shockingly, the dead bodies are not there. Mike cleans up everything and then sleeps at his desk. During the night, when Mike wakes up, he finds out that Abby is not there. He runs toward the hall and sees that Abby is playing with the mascots. He is shocked to see that the mascots are behaving like humans, responding to Abby as she talks to them. They respond with head gestures and hand movements. Mike thinks that someone is controlling them, but there is no one there.

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Mike and Abby leave the place immediately. The next day, Mike goes to that place with Abby again, and this time, Abby starts playing with those mascots, and she enjoys it. In the morning, Vanessa asks Mike not to bring Abby back to this place. The next day, Mike goes to work alone, and Abby is not with him. Later on, we get to see that Mike has a dream in which the mascots want Abby and want to take her with them. The mascots start attacking Mike, and he somehow manages to get away from them, reaching Vanessa’s house.

On the other hand, we see that the mascot in yellow reaches Mike’s home and takes Abby with him. On the other side, Vanessa reveals that the mascots are controlled by her father, and there are dead bodies of children inside the mascots. Mike rushes to the place to save Abby from those mascots, and upon reaching there, he is attacked by the mascots, leaving him badly injured. Vanessa also arrives, but she is stabbed by her own father. Abby draws some paintings showing the yellow mascot (Vanessa’s dad) as evil and shows those drawings to the other mascots.

The mascots realize that the yellow mascot was using and brainwashing them. They now attack the yellow mascot and take him alongside them into the storeroom. Abby, Mike, and Vanessa leave the place, and the film ends on a happy note.

Just before the credit scene, there is a sequence where we see that the yellow mascot (Vanessa’s father) is asking for help from the spirits of those kids. However, the child slams the door shut, and the film ends there.

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It is quite evident that the kids’ spirits now understand the reality of the yellow mascot, and they are no longer under his control. The film ends on a happy note. There is a possibility of another part of the film in which Vanessa’s dad may seek revenge on Abby and Mike, but as of now, there is no official confirmation.



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