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Black Cake Episode 2: Recap, Summary And Explained – Did Covey Kill Eleanor?

Black Cake Episode 2: Covey escapes the island and goes to London, where she meets Eleanor. Covey needs a new identity as her mother’s name isn’t going to last longer in London.

You may also have a look at the Episode 1 recap. We are covering the Episode wise recap of the series and here goes the Episode 2 recap and ending explanation of the show.

Black Cake Episode 2 “Coventina” Recap

In the present time, Byron and Benny thought Mom was just telling them a story and nothing else. Byron left home as he had an important meeting. He thought he was going to get a promotion but didn’t. Byron was disappointed. At home, Benny was looking through old photos and crying while listening to the last voice message her mom sent her. Byron returned home, and the two again start hearing the recording.

Covey is now in London, living in a hostel full of West Indian people. Covey meets Eleanor, who is an orphan. Eleanor helps Covey get a job as a babysitter in London. Covey starts working as a babysitter. While working and living in London, she tries to stay away from people and avoid socializing. She nearly gets caught for lying about her hometown. Eleanor is her roommate, so she becomes a friend of hers.

Eleanor wants to study geology at a university in Scotland but couldn’t for some reasons. Eleanor wants to leave that place as soon as possible, so she asks Eleanor to go to Scotland and study geology. Covey also wants to study, and they also save a lot of money. Eleanor agrees to it.

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In Covey’s hometown, everyone thinks she is dead. They held a funeral for Covey and Little Man. Little Man’s brother doesn’t believe Covey is dead. The police talk to Lin about her daughter, and the police say she traveled to a foreign country with her mother’s name, Coventina Brown. The Henry Brothers know about Covey traveling to London with her mother’s name. They kick Lin out of his store. We see the backstory of Lin. Lin was very young at the time. Lin’s mother gave him some money to buy soup.

When he was going to the soup store, he saw cockfighting and bet the money on it. He bought a fish with the winning money. Lin takes care of the family with the money he won from the cockfighting. That’s how they survived for all these years. But soon Lin’s luck ran out. We see Lin’s point of view when Covey was getting married. At the marriage party, he sees Gibbs hiding. Lin thought it might be Gibbs who poisoned Little Man’s drink. In the present, Lin goes to the beach and tries to kill himself by drowning.

Did Covey Kill Eleanor?

In the first episode of Black Cake, Covey sees Elly, aka Eleanor, for the first time. The voiceover of Covey said that to truly bury that broken girl, unfortunately, Elly would have to die. This raises the question of whether Covey can go to any lengths to hide her identity, and we get the answer in episode 2.

Eleanor and Covey are going to Scotland on a train when suddenly the train crashes. Covey opens her eyes and sees Eleanor on the ground. She tries to go there, but due to injuries, she can’t. Later, we see Covey in a hospital. The nurse mistakes Covey for Eleanor. Covey tells her name, and the nurse thinks she’s talking about her friend and says she is dead.



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