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Wingwomen Ending Explained: How Carole Is Alive? | Voleuses Full Summary

Wingwomen Ending Explained: Netflix’s original Action thriller film Wingwomen is now streaming on Netflix. The film is originally titled as ‘Voleuses’ and is around 2 hours long and here goes the recap, Summary, and ending Explanation of the film.

The story of the film starts with Alex and Carole, both in the middle of something, and they are being chased by drones. Alex then gets rid of everything, and finally, they manage to complete the mission. Later on, we come to know that both are contract workers, and they work for a woman named “Godmother” for money.

After the mission, they inform “Godmother” that they don’t want to work for her anymore and will not take any more tasks. We also get to know that Carole is pregnant but didn’t tell this to Alex. Later in the night, some goons start firing on Alex and Carole’s house, and their pet bunny was killed. Carole then goes to “Godmother,” and there she was given another mission by her in which she has to go to Corsica.

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They meet a guy named Abner, and later on, they come to know they have to steal “The Grande Odalisque.” They start making a team for the mission and hire a driver named “Sam.” Alex trains Sam, and very soon, Sam starts firing great shots.

After weeks of training, Sam and Alex go to steal the blueprint of the location, and they manage to get the blueprint. Here we get to see Sam’s bike driving skills. Later at night, Alex meets a guy named Clarence. When they were about to get physical, they were attacked by some unknown man. Very soon, Sam gets rid of him, and later on, we get to know that the guy was there to kill Clarence. The next day, Alex learns about the killer of her bunny and decides that she will go, find, and kill that person. The mission is completed with no issues, and after the mission, Carole reveals that she is pregnant.

The mission day arrives, and the mission doesn’t go according to plan. But Alex and Carole manage to complete the mission and get that painting. The next day, Carole goes to “Godmother” to hand over the painting and say a final goodbye to her, but “Godmother” wants Carole to keep working for her. This time, Carole has made up her mind that she will end the chapter of “Godmother” forever, and Alex shoots “Godmother” from a sniper. Very soon, the whole building is surrounded by police and guards, and the police officer fires a bullet at Alex’s feet.

Later on, we see that the police are taking a body wrapped in a white bag. It looks like Carole is dead, and Alex also starts living all alone. The story then jumps four years ahead, and there we see Sam arriving at Alex’s house. She takes her to an undisclosed location. Alex sees a small boy there and is shocked to know that it is Carole’s son. Very soon, Carole also hugs Alex from the back, and the film ends here.

Now, many of you may ask a question: How is Carole still alive? If you look closely, the police officer shot her in her leg, and there are high chances that she was then sent to jail. After legal proceedings, she came out of prison with her son. To save herself and her child, she starts living at an undisclosed location without telling anyone, and when everything goes normal, she then meets with Sam and Alex.

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This was our answer to the question of how Carole is still alive? What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



  1. Carole had a daughter, not a son, though a boys name, Roule ‘with an E’… Where was the closing scene filmed? Looks like my backyard in Utah. Yes I liked the movie and yes I like Melanie Laurent


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