Birdie in “Sweet Tooth” : Birdie in “Sweet Tooth” is Gertrude Miller, aka Birdie, a talented geneticist. She is a side character in the series but has a significant role. She was behind the creation of Gus, the first hybrid.

As people want to know more about Birdie, let’s provide a character explanation and learn more about her.

The character Gertrude Miller, aka Birdie, is played by Amy Seimetz, a 41-year-old American actress who has appeared in many movies and series. Some of her movies include “She Dies Tomorrow” (2020), “Pet Sematary” (2019), “Upstream Color” (2013), “The Secrets We Keep” (2020), and “No Sudden Move” (2021). She also starred in the popular series “The Girlfriend Experience.”

In the series, we saw how Birdie found some special microbes that can boost the immune system. She first used it in a chicken and succeeded, but during this experiment, she found an extreme abnormality in the egg. She named it “Genetic Unit Series 1” or Gus. This is how she developed the first hybrid. In the series, we saw how much she loved Gus and how eagerly she wanted to meet him.

Gus and his team are now ready to go to Alaska to meet Birdie. Let’s see what happens in the next season. That’s all about Birdie aka Gertrude Miller and how she created Gus. Feel free to comment for more information.



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