Wendy in “Sweet Tooth Season 2”: Wendy in “Sweet Tooth” is a side character, a young pig-like hybrid. She is a charming and cute girl who becomes a close friend of Gus in the season. Many users want to know more about Wendy, so let’s discuss her and provide a character explanation.

In the series, Wendy’s character is played by NALEDI MURRAY, a 12-year-old girl born in the US. She became famous as a “Piglet” in this series.

In the series, we see Wendy as a brave girl. After she meets Aimee, she grows to love her. However, due to The Last Men, they were separated. In season 2, she becomes a close friend of Gus. While being kept in a cage in Preserved, she was saved by Aimee.

In the end, she finds out she has a big sister named Becky. When Aimee dies, Becky becomes close to her.

That’s all about Wendy. Feel free to ask any queries in the comment section.



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