After the success of the first season, the second season of “Sweet Tooth” has finally been released. This season features lots of hybrids, and we get to know all the details about them.

We have already discussed Gus and Wendy. When Gus was in the pump house under the elephant pen, he found Wendy and the other hybrids. Later, Wendy introduced all of them to Gus. Let’s find out about everyone and who played each role.

  1. Harvey Gui played Max Skunk, a hybrid skunk who spreads bad smells. In the final episode, he made a small contribution to keep everyone safe.
  2. Amie Donald played Maya, a monkey hybrid with a tail. She uses her tail to keep an eye on everyone, and she helps everybody leave the Preserve.
  3. Yonas Kibreab played Finn Foxx, a fox hybrid who is smart but suspicious. In the series, he once suspected Gus of hiding something from them, but his parents helped him to communicate.
  4. Christopher Sean Cooper Jr. played Teddy, a shy turtle girl. She also made a small contribution to help everyone leave the pump room.
  5. Aeon Scott played Anna Rabbit and Cyan Scott played Hanna Rabbit – Rabbit hybrid twin sisters who do everything together.
  6. Ruby Hall played Haley Mockingbird, who swears too much and is always getting into arguments.
  7. Erin Minchin played Jo Jo Raccoon, who prefers to use sign language.
  8. Ravi Narayan played Earl Elephant, who was taken care of by a good woman so that he can talk.

There was also Roy, a chameleon hybrid who can change his color, but unfortunately, he died at the end of season 1. He loved to play as a crocodile hybrid who was in the lab. Gus tried to save him, but unfortunately, he was caught by the Last Man Armies.

Right now, we have no information about the real identities of Roy and the crocodile. We will inform you later.

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The hybrids become stronger when they are together. Gus took everybody and reached Yellowstone Forest, where all the hybrids could enjoy their lives happily. But when General Abbot found their location and came to capture them, all the hybrids left with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. However, Wendy is still with them, and we hope they are all safe.

This is all about the hybrids and the real faces behind the series. To learn more, watch “Sweet Tooth” season 2, which is streaming on Netflix with Hindi, English, and subtitles.”



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