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Berkshires UFO Real Story

Berkshires UFO Real Story Netflix Series: This news was covered globally by almost all news organizations and media houses, and this also makes the place in Netflix Unsolved Mystery series, the story is told in Episode 5 of the series. Here goes the all real details about the story along with the locations and real characters.

On September 1, 1969, people at Berkshire County believed that they witnessed the actual sighting of a UFO. The story is told by Jane Green, Thom Reed, Tom Warner, Nancy Reed, Jane Shaw, and Melanie Kirchdorfer.

Each one told their encounter with the UFO. Jane Green told me that she was driving back to Great Barrington when she saw a bright green light that was coming out of a giant object in the sky. Tom Warner ran out of his friend’s house when a bright light fell upon him to which Shaw added that he disappeared for a well good minutes. Kirchdorfer recalled her events and added that she had just gotten ice cream when her family saw a bright light from the sky at Lake Mansfield; she recalled levitating and being on a ship, and Warner said he saw her there as well.

Thom Reed said that he was driving with his mother, grandmother, and his brother over the Sheffield bridge when suddenly a bright light fell upon them and they lost the track of time. He added that when they were in the car again, his grandma and mother were in different spots. Three hours had gone by.

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