No Ride Home True Story Real Life Character: Another Tricky and interesting mystery from the Netflix Original Unsolved Mysteries series, it is about the shocking disappearance, here in the post we are going to tell you the true story behind it, with real-life characters, Places, and timing, this was episode  No. 4 from the series.

Who Was Alonzo In Real?

This incident happened in 2004. A 23-year-old Alonzo Brooks never returned to his home after attending a party just outside rural La Cygne, KS. The story unravels by telling me that he went with his friend who got lost while trying to find cigarettes. He suggested to Alonzo that he goes to a home with another friend and so Alonzo did. But he never returned home. The next day his parents tried to contact the police and they found out his hat and boots in the farmhouse where the party took place the other night.

What Happened To Alonzo?

After a month with the help of an organized search party, Alonzo’s body was found in a creek near to the farmhouse. While no cause of death was determined, the family of Alonzo thought and believed that it was done due to racism. Alonzo was one of the 3 people who were black in the party and people were behaving as such that they didn’t want Alonzo to be there with them. Witnesses at the party reported racial slurs, threats, and fights targeted at Brooks the night of his disappearance.

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